Drinks menu


Orange+Apple+Banana   £3.00

Banana+Strawberry+Pineapple £3.50

Pineapple+Mango+Raspberry   £3.95

Apple+Mixed Forest Fruit  £3.50

Orange+Mango+Banana  £3.50



Avocado+Berries         £3.95

Organic Banana+Strawberry   £3.50

Mango+Raspberry        £3.95

Mixed Forrest Fruit   £3.50

Organic Banana+Cocoa       £3.50



The Bubble £9
Vermouth, St Andrews Eden Mill Gin and sparkling wine with lime juice, sugar syrup, Angostura bitters and a slice of cucumber.

Liberace £7
Hortus Gin, sparkling wine, pineapple juice, Angostura bitters and demerara sugar on the rim.

The Royal Oak £8
Oak matured Zubrowka (Bison grass) vodka and rosemary twig, topped with Sparkling wine.

Hazelnut Russian £7
Hazelnut Soplica vodka with Kahlua coffee liqueur and a dash of full fat milk – delicious!

Sweet Dreams £6
Chambord (black raspberry liqueur) with vodka, lemonade and a slice of orange.

French Martini £6
Chambord with vodka and pineapple juice. Served with a slice of lemon.

Gold Cigar £9
Gold Tequila, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, lime juice and Angostura bitters. Served in a wide Champagne glass with a smoked salt rim.

Bloody Mary of Scots £7
Classic cocktail with vodka, tomato juice and a dash of hot sauce.

Daiquiri £6
Bacardi white rum, sugar syrup, lime juice. Served in a wide Champagne glass.

The Romanov £9
Hortus Gin and vodka. Topped with Sparkling wine. Served with a slice of cucumber and mint garnish in a wide Champagne glass.

Espresso Martini £8
Soho classic. Shot of a fresh espresso, Kahlua liqueur, and vodka.

Aperol Spritz £7
Prosecco, Aperol and soda water. Served with a slice of orange.

Gin Martini £7
St Andrews Eden Mill Gin and Dry Vermouth with olives.

After Eight Martini £7
Dark Chocolate liqueur, vodka, mint bitters, milk.

Rocky Mint Julep £8
Old Kentucky Bourbon, mint leaves and sugar syrup. Served in a copper mug with a big mint spring and a straw.

Autumn Whisky Sling £7
Whisky, Apple juice, sugar syrup, Swedish bitters.

Chambord Royale £8
Chambord (black raspberry liqueur), topped with Prosecco.

Rocky Margarita £8
Gold Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. Served on the rocks in a wide Champagne glass with a sea salt rim.

The Bison   £9
Zubrovka (Bison grass infused vodka), Apple juice. Served on ice in a long glass.

Hot Shot £4
Large Chilli Pepper Vodka served in a copper shot mug with a touch of smoked salt and a slice of lime.


RED WINES 125ml/175ml/250ml/Btl

House Red £4.50/£5.95/£7.95/£19
Cuvée. Smooth, delicate and mellow.

Regent 75cl £21
Light bodied and soft with delicate earthy overtones and strong cherry notes.

Pinot Noir, Wood Cask 75cl £26
Elegant and velvety, matured in oak casks.

Pinot Noir,“Charlotte” 75cl £61
Superior Pinot Noir. Specially sellected grapes gently processed and matured in small oak barrels for twenty months to guarantee a truly great wine experience.

Cuvée, “Lara” 75cl £57
Superior Merlot blend with the initial berry aromas and flavours that are quickly mixed with the scent and taste of dried fruits, chocolate, leather and coffee. Oak matured.


ROSE WINES 125ml/175ml/250ml/Btl

House Rose £4.50/£5.95/£7.95/£19
Light, fruity, semi-dry rose from the Pfaffmann family vineyard.

Dornfelder, 75cl £21
Light, refreshing, dry rose wine.



Extra Dry Petit Riesling 200ml  £8
Traditional Champagne Method, small bottle.

Extra Dry Riesling 75cl £32
Traditional Champagne Method. A sumptuous combination of fruit, acidity and complexity.

Secco Carlo, Dry 75cl   £21
Prosecco Style dry sparkling wine.


WHITE WINES 125ml/175ml/250ml/Btl

House White £4.50/£5.95/£7.95/£19
Refreshing, dry and aromatic Riesling from Pfalz.

Blanc de Noir, Dry 75cl £21
Hints of melon and under ripe apples, crisp and dry.

Sauvignon Blanc, Dry 750ml £24
Grassy and fresh flavours of gooseberries and Alpine spring.



Gewürztraminer, Late Harvest 75cl £27
Herbaceous, spicy with hints of rose petals and exotic candied fruits. Medium-dry.

Rieslaner, Medium-Sweet 75cl £34
Rich and powerful fruit, well balanced with calming minerality. Perfect with pungent or blue cheeses.



Peroni, Italy (330ml) £4

Stella Artois, Belgium (284ml) £3.50

Tennents, Glasgow, (440ml) £3.50

John Smith, England (440ml) £3.50

Guinness, Ireland (440ml) £4.00

Magners Cider, Ireland (440ml) £4.00