Lunch Menu

Soups   £4.95

Home-made soups served with bread + butter. Ask for today’s selection. V,Ve

Sandwiches/Grilled Sandwiches/Panini         £7.95

Served on a variety of breads, with crisps + dressed rocket garnish. 

Cheddar + Smoked Ham + Apple & Tomato chutney

Cheddar + Vine Ripened Tomato + House chutney, V

Avocado + Hummus + Cucumber, Ve

Goat’s cheese + Sticky Date chutney, V

Brie de Normandie + Vine Ripened Tomatoes + grapes, V

Roquefort + Fresh Mint + thick Fig chutney, V

Add Smoked Ham or Cheddar to any sandwich £1.00

Salads £8.95

Dressed mixed leaf salad with vine-ripened tomato, cucumber & olives.

Served with two large sourdough crackers. V,Ve      

Choose from: Blue Cheese + Grapes / Avocado + Sun-Blushed Tomatoes /      Goat’s Cheese

Organic Potato Bakes            

Served in individual casserole dishes with rocket salad garnish + pickles.

Cheese of the day Potato Bake V,GF £9.95

Sun-blushed Tomatoes + Olives Potato Bake Ve,GF £9.95

Haggis/Vegetarian Haggis & Cheddar Potato Bake V,GF £11.95


Luxurious Lemon Cheesecake / Melt-in-the-Middle Dark Chocolate Soufflé   £5.50

Carrot Cake / Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice-cream   £5.50

Extra Large Muffin with Vanilla Whipped Cream   £4.95

Chocolate or Blueberry

Lemon Drizzle slice £3.95


Mixed Olives   £4

Mixed Pickles    £3

Mixed Nuts     £4

Sun-Blushed Tomatoes    £4

Gluten Free Crackers   £2

Sourdough Crackers   £2