Colston Bassett Stilton 2.5kg Medium Large

Made by Billy Kevan and his team in Nottinghamshire, Colston Bassett is one of the only hand-ladled Stiltons. Hand-ladling produces an intensely rich and creamy cheese; and the Colston Bassett flavour is deep, lingering and complex.

Approx. 2.5kg round

Milk type: Pasteurised cows’ milk | Rennet: Vegetarian rennet |
Cheesemaker: Billy Kevan | County: Nottinghamshire | Style: Creamy and rich

• Hand-ladled and made with vegetarian rennet, little has altered at Colston Bassett since they started in 1913.
• It is still owned by a co-operative of local dairy farmers who originally set-up the dairy.
• These farmers still supply the dairy with all it’s milk from local pastures, although have consolidated over the years from an original 18 to 4.
• Billy Kevan, the head cheese-maker is only the fourth to hold this title since 1920.
• Interesting Fact: During the Second World War Stilton production was stopped and Cheddar was made here.
• Tastes: Creamy and rich: dissipating on the tongue, slightly sweet with a minerally tang.

Wild Garlic Yarg 2kg Medium

Wild Garlic Yarg is wrapped in the pungent Ramson leaves that arrive in Cornwall’s woodlands each spring. They impart a gentle garlicky flavour and their moisture gives the cheese a slightly firm texture. The curd is pressed and brined before being covered with wild garlic leaves, the end result being reminiscent of a parcel wrapped with green silk ribbons.

Approx. 2kg round

Charcoal Cheese 2x200g

Two lumps of coal – what a great gift idea!

They are black in and out.

The FIRST & ONLY all-black charcoal cheddar cheese. Deliciously creamy, mature cheddar blended with charcoal. Winner of the BEST NEW IDEA at the Farm Shop & Deli show 2014!

2 individual cheeses – each charcoal cheese weighs 200g, shapes vary slightly.