Murcia al Vino 2.5kg Large

Maybe it was another one of those farmhouse accidents: a little too much vino, a wheel of cheese rolls off the table into barrel, two days later somebody finds themselves decanting the first wheel of Cabra al Vino! Literally meaning ”goat with wine” this semi-firm pasteurized goat from Spain’s Mediterranean coast is cured for 48-72 hours in Doble Pasta red wine. The paste remains nearly pure white and the rind absorbs a lovely violet hue. The paste is sweet and smooth, delicately grapey, with a gentle, pliable texture and mild fruity flavor. A D.O.P cheese, it pairs well with medium fruity reds.

Approx. 2.5kg whole cheese

Coffee Aged Cheddar

Deliciously creamy mature Cheddar that is aged for at least two weeks in freshly ground Italian coffee – definitely an after dinner treat to be enjoyed with a glass of smooth red, porter or a glass of brandy.


Delice de Cremier 1kg Medium

Delice De Cremier is a soft, ripe, bloomy rind cheese. A triple unpasteurised cream cheese produced in the Champagne, Burgundy region of France. It has a distinctive bloomy white skin and an intensely creamy with a slight sharpness of fruity hazelnut flavour. It is absolutely stunning at this time of year when cows’ milk is coming to its best. It is so refreshing on the palette, it is classed as a pudding cheese.

Approx. 1.1kg round


Colston Bassett Stilton 2.5kg Medium Large

Made by Billy Kevan and his team in Nottinghamshire, Colston Bassett is one of the only hand-ladled Stiltons. Hand-ladling produces an intensely rich and creamy cheese; and the Colston Bassett flavour is deep, lingering and complex.

Approx. 2.5kg round

Milk type: Pasteurised cows’ milk | Rennet: Vegetarian rennet |
Cheesemaker: Billy Kevan | County: Nottinghamshire | Style: Creamy and rich

• Hand-ladled and made with vegetarian rennet, little has altered at Colston Bassett since they started in 1913.
• It is still owned by a co-operative of local dairy farmers who originally set-up the dairy.
• These farmers still supply the dairy with all it’s milk from local pastures, although have consolidated over the years from an original 18 to 4.
• Billy Kevan, the head cheese-maker is only the fourth to hold this title since 1920.
• Interesting Fact: During the Second World War Stilton production was stopped and Cheddar was made here.
• Tastes: Creamy and rich: dissipating on the tongue, slightly sweet with a minerally tang.

Vintage Gouda

4 years of maturation makes one fine cheese! With caramel, cognac and coffee notes, you’re in for a treat.

Cabrales Blue PDO

Cabrales is a mixture of raw cows, goats and sheep’s milk aged for between two and four months in natural formed limestone caves. Chilly and humid conditions in the caves facilitate the growth of bluish-green penicillium mould on this highly prized cheese. Unlike other blue cheeses injected with penicillium, Cabrales cures from the outside of the cheese to the inward.

A finished Cabrales can be characterized by its strong, penetrating aroma and sharp, acidic, slightly salty taste. It pairs well with red wine, fresh figs, salami, sweet sherry and dry sausages. Traditionally Cabrales is wrapped in moist leaves of Acer pseudoplatanus.

Gubbeen (Ireland) whole cheese

Of all the washed-rinds we sell, Gubbeen is the mellowest, capturing the characteristic smokiness of a washed rind without concealing the light, fresh flavours of the milk. It has a semi-soft paste with a silky smooth, pliable texture and fresh, milky taste with a mild buttery, nutty accent.

A whole round, approx. 1.4kg

Extra Mature Comte

From the Jura mountain region comes one of Frances’ favourite cheeses, matured for at least 24 months under Marcel Petite. Smooth, mellow, nutty and with a long finish.

Gruyère AOC Extra Mature

Everything and more than any aged Gruyère carrying the cave-aged name.The Affineur Walo Le Gruyère AOC Extra Mature is matured for a minimum of 14 months in the caves that have been used by the Von Mühlenen family for decades.The caves are warmer than others used to mature cheese.This ‘warm’ aging is key to achieving a deeper, more rounded flavour. During the maturation, the cheese crystalises to deliver an intense flavour.The cheese is sweet, and the flavour is perfectly balanced. It grows and fills the mouth.There are the floral, fruity notes, but it is the silky texture with the crunchy crystals and immense flavour that set this cheese apart from other Gruyères.

Walo’s dedication to producing cheese of the highest quality means he will never release a cheese that does not meet his exacting standards.