Wild Garlic Yarg 2kg Medium

Wild Garlic Yarg is wrapped in the pungent Ramson leaves that arrive in Cornwall’s woodlands each spring. They impart a gentle garlicky flavour and their moisture gives the cheese a slightly firm texture. The curd is pressed and brined before being covered with wild garlic leaves, the end result being reminiscent of a parcel wrapped with green silk ribbons.

Approx. 2kg round

Shropshire Blue (England)

Strangley didn’t originate in the Shropshire region. The recipe was originally created in Scotland back in the 1970’s and then later past onto cheesemakers in England. Shropshire Blue is now made in Nottinghamshire by the Colston Bassett Dairy. Shropshire Blue, is made in a very similar way to Stilton but with the addition of annatto colouring. This gives Shropshire Blue a distinctive orange colour not seen in Stilton. The Flavour is slightly milder than Stilton Blue, with a bit more spice and caramel to the flavour coming from the annatto.

Stilton (Colston Bassett) (England)

Smooth and creamy with distinctive blue veins which become more strongly defined as the cheese matures, Blue Stilton has deep and complex flavours enjoyed by cheese lovers worldwide. Colston Bassett & District Dairy Limited was built in 1913, funded by a group of local milk producers, and other local people. It was built specifically to make Stilton Cheese, a local speciality made in farmhouses in the area. The only breaks in production were in wartime, a little cheddar was made in WWII. Colston Basset is the smallest of all stilton producers, and it’s makers today are the 5th generation of Stilton Makers. The milk is still hand ladled in order to make this world renowned blue cheese. It took its name from the village of Stilton, just south of Peterborough on the Great North Road, where the landlord at the Bell Inn sold his sister-in-law’s cheese, made near Melton Mowbray, to coach travelers. The cheese was never made in Stilton and even today, protected by a certification trademark, it can only be made in the three adjacent counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.