Delice De Cremier

Delice De Cremier is a soft, ripe, bloomy rind cheese. A triple unpasteurised cream cheese produced in the Champagne, Burgundy region of France. It has a distinctive bloomy white skin and an intensely creamy with a slight sharpness of fruity hazelnut flavour. It is absolutely stunning at this time of year when cows’ milk is coming to its best. It is so refreshing on the palette, it is classed as a pudding cheese.

Roquefort Marival (France)

Roquefort is a true landmark cheese, one of the most historic, most recognized cheeses in France. Many French cheese producers make cheese, and then pass it along to Affineurs like Herve Mons who handle the ageing process. Affineurs carefully and lovingly guide cheese along as it matures in caves or ageing rooms, ripening the cheese to its peak flavour and texture. When Herve Mons receives the Roquefort in his caves, he allows them to spend some extra weeks wrapped in ‘breathing’ paper to let them release the extra humidity before shipping them. It helps the Roquefort develop its intense flavours while reducing the high salt content. Herve Mons releases this Roquefort at around 9 months, This makes this special Roquefort “la crème de la crème” of its kind! Carefully matured, this particular Roquefort is buttery, soft, sweet & tangy with veins reaching all the way to the edge. It is strong & peppery but well balanced in flavour & moisture content.