Coffee Aged Cheddar

Deliciously creamy mature Cheddar that is aged for at least two weeks in freshly ground Italian coffee – definitely an after dinner treat to be enjoyed with a glass of smooth red, porter or a glass of brandy.


Anster, St Andrews (Scotland)

Anster (Scotland) is a Friesian Holstein cow’s milk cheese with a fresh and dry taste and a crumbly texture. It dissolves in the mouth to leave a full-flavoured finish. Anster is hand-made on the farm to a traditional recipe by Jane Stewart at St. Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co. on Falside Farm, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland. The Friesian Cows graze all summer long on the lush pastures overlooking the May Island above the Fife fishing village of Anstruther (from which the cheese takes its name.)

Blue Murder (Scotland)

Blue Murder is a spicy, sea-salty, ripe and creamy European style blue from Scotland. Previously named after a New Order song, Blue Monday cheese is now Blue Murder cheese. Made in Tain by the Highland Cheese company for ex-Blur bass player Alex James and British food champion Juliet Harbut, both cheese experts, this cheese is  made with cows milk from the Highlands.

Barwhey’s Smoked Cheddar (Scotland)

Barwheys is a hard Ayrshire cheese of the highest quality. It is made exclusively from the unpasteurised milk of special herd of pedigree Ayrshire cattle that graze on the green pastures that surround the dairy. The cheese is made by hand, bandaged in traditional cotton cheesecloth, and carefully aged on wooden shelves for between nine and twelve months. Barwheys has a long and complex flavour. This rich hard cheese hits your tongue with a slightly tart first note, before the taste gives way to subtle hints of nut and caramel. The cheese has a creamy texture with just the merest hint of crumble.

Isle of Mull Cheddar (Scotland)

Made on a family farm with unpasteurised milk from their hardy, healthy island cows that are fed on organic grass and whisky grains. Matured for 17 months in the farms own cellars. Mull has a truly unique and deliciously nutty taste. Occasionally it has a slight blue vein, but this just adds to the flavour. It is made by Jeff & Christine Reade on his farm Sgriob Ruadh, Gaelic for Red Soil, on the Isle of Mull, Tobermory. Mull is the last remaining farmhouse cheese from the Hebridean Islands. The cheesemaker now is proud to announce that only renewable energy is used to produce the cheese, using only wood and water for power.