Gruyère AOC Extra Mature

Everything and more than any aged Gruyère carrying the cave-aged name.The Affineur Walo Le Gruyère AOC Extra Mature is matured for a minimum of 14 months in the caves that have been used by the Von Mühlenen family for decades.The caves are warmer than others used to mature cheese.This ‘warm’ aging is key to achieving a deeper, more rounded flavour. During the maturation, the cheese crystalises to deliver an intense flavour.The cheese is sweet, and the flavour is perfectly balanced. It grows and fills the mouth.There are the floral, fruity notes, but it is the silky texture with the crunchy crystals and immense flavour that set this cheese apart from other Gruyères.

Walo’s dedication to producing cheese of the highest quality means he will never release a cheese that does not meet his exacting standards.